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A Snow Queen Fantasy Set in a World Where Magic Still Lives in the Nineteenth Century!

As a child, Princess Freyja looked into the winter witch’s mirror and became her slave.

Now a young woman, Freyja is frosty toward Ambrose, her latest tutor. Until she discovers in him an ally against an arranged marriage that leaves her cold.

But will it be Ambrose‘s caress that melts her frozen heart, or curses her with a fate worse than death?

“Witty banter…The reader will crave more time with the princess and her tutor” – Reedsy Discovery

READ below a free excerpt from the opening of Portrait of a Snow Queen, Book One in The Witches of Winter Trilogy, in which the future lovers get off to a bumpy start! Click HERE to open the PDF (zip file) and enter the kingdom of Aarastad! 

Buy either the print ($12.99) or Kindle version (only $3.99!) and the follow up books in the trilogy Portrait of a Winter Court  and Portrait of War, Ice, and Dragons (also available in paper and as ebooks) HERE

Cover art for Portrait of a Snow Queen: Book One in The Witches of Winter Trilogy by and copyright 2018 Aaron Lopresti.

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